DJ Tril was born Keith Griffin III in St. Louis, MO. His relationship with turntables began in 2017, after a life-changing moment in music class.   

After being mentored by the renowned Charlie Chan Soprano, DJ Tril stepped onto the music scene. A natural Beat Juggler and Mixer, DJ Tril quickly grew to be a music phenomenon among the teenage party arena. With shout outs from platinum-selling artists like Nelly, DJ Tril’s sets have spanned to venues like The Flex Entertainment Center, Delmar Hall, and The Pageant.   

DJ Tril’s roster includes Kid Goals, Young Hitz, Ayo & Teo, and the social media giant—Facebook. As his reputation grows, DJ Tril continues to master his craft to pursue his dream of performing alongside DJ Envy and the Breakfast Club crew.

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Visit DjTril.com daily for up to date shows and appearances.  Be on the lookout for DJ Tril's Back To School Swim Party coming in early August!  All of his celebrity friends will be there!

Previous events

Date Event Location
DJ TRIL St. Louis Blues St. Louis Blues
DJ TRIL St. Louis Blues St. Louis Blues
DJ TRIL St. Louis Blues St. Louis Blues
DJ TRIL St. Louis Blues St. Louis Blues
Bithday Back To School Party  
Zeus Fest St. Louis St. Louis
DJ TRIL Hazelwood Civic Center East Hazelwood Civic Center East
DJ TRIL LIVE Jewel Event Center Jewel Event Center
DJ TRIL Tower Grove Park Tower Grove Park
DJ TRIL Tilles Park Tilles Park
DJ TRIL Maryland Heights Community Cneter Maryland Heights Community Cneter
 —  — DJ TRIL Facebook Private Party, SEATTLE Facebook Private Party, SEATTLE
DJ TRIL LIVE St. Vincent Community Center, Saint Louis, MO 63133 St. Vincent Community Center, Saint Louis, MO 63133
DJ TRIL | 6 year old Bday Party  
Sweet 16 Party  
PBS Kids Live  
Sweet 16 Birthday Party  
DJ TRIL LIve | Scratch JR Coding Camp  


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